EMERGE Energy Drink by Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

  EMERGE is the Energy, Focus & Mood Enhancing Supplement Drink Mix for Best Weight Loss by Max Muscle Sports Nutrition and is specially formulated to inhibit appetite, promote the release of fat from stored fat cells and accelerate the burning of fat for fuel. Emerge contains clinically proven weight loss ingredients to suppress appetite, provide maximum calorie burning specifically from fat, increase energy and elevate the body's metabolism. The combination of selected ingredients promotes a metabolic shift, scientists describe as "fuel partitioning" by shifting the burning of fat as fuel rather than fat for storage.

  By using a product like Emerge, fuel partitioning benefits can ultimately lead to enhanced lean body composition changes. Emerge contains the patented ingredient Advantra Z®, an extract of a citrus fruit (Citrusaurantium). Advantra Z® contains a natural and synergistic family of bioactive amines including synephrine, N-methyltyramine, hordenine, octopanime and tyramine. The naturally occurring form of synephrine in Advantra Z® is call P-synephrine and is the safe form for humans.

 Advantra Z® has been shown to be safe and effective in human ingestion, stimulating metabolic thermogenesis, increasing the breakdown of fat (lipolysis), increasing the ratio of lean muscle to total body mass, improving athletic performance and exerting an appetite suppressing effect. Additionally, Advantra Z® increases metabolic rate without affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

 Caffeine has been added to Emerge as an extensively researched ingredient that enhances fuel partitioning and providing an effective thermogenic, metabolic, and fat oxidation effect in humans.

 Green Tea Extract, containing highly concentrated levels of EGCG, has been added as numerous published studies have now shown that EGCG is effective in reducing bodyweight, mainly body fat, by increasing thermogenesis and fat burning. Green Tea Extract boosts and supports mood, enhances energy and promotes a sense of well-being.

 The addition of Panax Ginseng and Glucuronolactone further promotes well being, energy, mood and focus. Caffeine enhances the effectiveness of Advantra Z®, Green Tea Extract and Panax Ginseng.

 L-Carnitine is absolutely essential for all fat metabolism to take place in cells and the body cannot burn a single molecule of fat without L-Carnitine. In terms of function, it plays a critical role in transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, the "furnace of the cells", for fat burning to produce energy (technically known as β oxidation).

 L-Taurine is a non-essential sulfur containing amino acid with high concentrations in skeletal muscles. The combination of Caffeine and L-Taurine appears to be beneficial enhance endurance performance. L-Taurine promotes the formation of taurocholate which supports fat metabolism in the liver. Octopamine is known to exert adrenergic effects in mammals stimulating alpha(2)-adrenoceptors and stimulating fat breakdown through beta(3)-adrenoreceptors. NADH is the body's energy transporter.

  The NADH molecule is how the body transports energy during muscular contraction as well as countless other reactions. Adenosine is found in ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate), the energy molecule in the body.

  Vinpocetine has the ability to dilate blood vessels thereby enhancing circulation and improving oxygen utilization for support of fat use as energy. Vinpocetine also has antioxidant properties.

  Evodiamine is a unique compound that acts on the vanilloid receptors to help with body fat utilization.

  Emerge will provide you with the most complete and satisfying body composition optimizing system to produce the great body you are after!


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