ALLMAX NUTRITION HEXAPRO PROTEIN POPCORN TASTE TEST REVIEW along with Jason Mayol, owner of San Mateo Sports Nutrition in San Mateo, California. Allmax Nutrition National Sales Manager, Kevin Kouvenhaven also doing the taste test of the Hexapro protein popcorn.

  HEXAPRO Protein Popcorn is a fun and convenient way to increase your daily protein intake – in a super-tasty way. Jam-packed with 20 g of protein per bag.

• Non-GMO

• Gluten-Free

• Zero Trans Fat

  HEXAPRO Protein Popcorn uses only Non-GMO corn that is air-popped to perfection with zero trans fats. Since every batch is made with the best tasting protein powder on the market – ALLMAX HEXAPRO, it’s the perfect snack after a workout, while streaming a movie or on-the-go.

San Mateo Sports Nutrition is a supplement store located in the San Francisco Bay Area and this is the new Youtube channel. (Est. September, 2020).

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